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    I certify that answers given herein are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. It is understood and agreed upon that any misrepresentation by me in this application will be sufficient cause for cancellation of this application and/or separation from the employer’s service if I have been employed. I understand, also, that I am required to abide by all rules and regulations of the employer.

    I understand that prior to finalization of any offer of employment regarding certain job positions, the employer may condition the offer of employment on satisfactory completion of medical examination and/or a drug and alcohol screen. I agree to sign a release of medical information authorization form, and to submit to a medical examination and/or drug and alcohol screen should the employer condition my offer of employment upon successful completion of such examination or screening.

    I authorize the employer to make any investigation allowed by law which my employer deems necessary for employment consideration and promotion within the organization. I hereby release from liability the employer and its representatives for seeking such information and all other persons, corporations, or organizations for furnishing such information.

    The Employer is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The Employer does not discriminate in employment and no question on this application is used for the purpose of limiting or excusing any applicant’s consideration for employment on basis prohibited by local, state or federal law.

    This application for employment shall be considered active for a period of time not to exceed 180 days. At the conclusion of this time, if I have not heard from the Employer and still wish to be considered for employment, it will be necessary to fill our a new application.

    I understand that, just as I am free to resign at any time, the Employer reserves the right to terminate my employment at any time, with or without cause and with or without prior notice. I understand that no representative of the Employer has the authority to make any assurance to the contrary.

    The applicant understands that neither this document nor any offer of employment from the employer constitute an employment contract unless a specific document to that effect is executed by the employer and employee in writing.

    I acknowledge that I have read all of the above statements and that I understand them. In addition, the statements above supersede and replace any prior understandings or discussions I have had with the employer and set forth the complete agreement between me and the employer regarding these matters.