Join the High Flyers

The High Flyers is a community for anyone who wants to enhance their life through our running, walking, cycling and swimming groups.  Our groups are customer focused and founded on our UAR core values of Inclusion, Purpose and Experience.  The camaraderie experienced will keep you coming back for miles and miles.  

Soar with us – free to join! #wesoar


Social Networking

Connect with High Flyers through our Facebook group. Our High Flyers Facebook group will be your spot to connect with local High Flyers and stay up to date on all of our latest community events and training groups!

Get Involved

At Up and Running, we understand that getting started is the hardest part. We provide a series of tools and resources to help get you started and to keep you motivated. We offer training groups for walking, running, cycling, and swimming.  All paces and all abilities are welcomed, we truly are a community that will do everything to help you succeed and meet your own personal goals!

We also offer an on-going series of seminars and classes and a calendar for our current store and community events.

Running and Walking Groups

Join our running and walking groups in Dayton and Troy. It is a great way to cover a few miles and make new friends! The running & walking groups are free of charge and no registration is required.

Dayton Groups

Every Tuesday night in Dayton at 6:00 PM at the store. All abilities welcome. Distances are under an hour on Tues.

Every Saturday morning in Dayton 7:30 AM at the store. All abilities welcome. Varying distances every weekend.

Troy Groups

Every Wednesday night in Troy at 6:00 PM at the store. All abilities welcome. Distances are under an hour on Wednesdays.

Every Saturday morning in Troy at 8:00am at the store. All abilities welcome. Varying distances every weekend.

Cycling & Multisport Group

Join our outdoor cycling group Monday nights from 6:15 PM – 8:00 PM during the spring & summer months. Helmets and lights/reflectivity required.

RIDE LOCATION: June 7th, we are moving the UAR group ride location to Caesar's Creek, Park office, and Beach off of St. Rt. 73. Arrive by 6:15 PM. Leaving the parking lot at 6:30.Some people arrive around 5:30 PM to swim-bring a friend. Some stay after the bike ride for a run. Feel free to do one, two, or all three activities. Starting September 13th the group will meet at the Corwin Bike Path parking lot.  

During the winter months join us at the store for indoor spinning from 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM Monday evenings in the activity room at UAR Dayton.  Indoor spinning for 2021 is still TBD.  

Up and Running Swim and Triathlon

Up and Running Swim and Triathlon is a United States Masters Swimming (USMS) group dedicated to swimmers and triathletes who want to improve technique, endurance and speed with coached workouts, while training with a friendly, motivating group.

Athletes should be comfortable swimming at least 1,800 yards in a workout format (ie not straight swimming) in one hour.

USMS membership is required of all swimmers, however you may visit as a guest by filling out a 30-Day trial form and signing a waiver. Workout times are 5:00 am – 6:00 am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the West Carrollton YMCA.

Up and Running Jr’s

Come learn and enjoy the benefits of running through a positive and rewarding experience! Your child will be grouped by ability to meet individual needs. We have created three fun groups that will suit your children’s needs based on their varying degree of development. The three groups are:

Lynx – My child can run but needs frequent walking breaks during running. They can run less than 2:00 before needing a break. Sustained running for distance is new for my child.

Servals – My child can run about a mile or 8-12 min. without requiring a break. My child has attempted sustained running for distance in a practice, race, or for fun.

Ocelot – My child has successfully sustained running a 5K during the past year.

Our 2021 program was a huge success, thank you to all the coaches, volunteers, participants and parents for making this a great summer program once again! For more information please contact Up and Running @ 937-432-9210 or dobsonda@sbcglobal.net


Running & Walking 101 and 101.5

Running 101

The Running 101 run/walk group is for the individual who wants to train from the couch to 5k. Prior to starting this program, the individual should be able to walk for a brisk 30 minutes. Up and Running will provide coach-led workouts, training schedules, technical product, weekly updates, and much more. Registration fee of $70.00-includes weekly coaching, training shirt, race registration, and great perks at UAR!

This program is for adults only and we cannot accommodate strollers due to the nature of the program, thank you in advance for understanding.

Our summer session is in progress!

Running 101.5

The Running 101.5 run/walk group is for the individual who has previously completed Running 101 or completed a 5K and is ready to jump up to a 10K! Registration fee of $60.00 for Running 101.5-includes weekly coaching, training shirt and race registration entry.

Beginner Triathlon Program

Our beginner triathlon program is a 10 week program meant to prepare the first time triathlete to complete a triathlon. The program will prepare you to complete the following triathlon distance: 300 yard serpentine pool swim – 10 mile bike (road) – 5k run through surrounding neighborhood. Our 2021 program has concluded stay tuned for more opportunities in the future.